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Anita Catrina Bathroom

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This custom-remodeled bathroom features a modern walk-in shower with overhead showerheads and a luxurious bathtub resting on the floor, creating an incredible oasis of contemporary style. The room is finished in subway tiles and natural stone accents. The large frameless glass door creates a bright and airy look that enhances the space and ensures it feels both inviting and relaxing. The tub itself is made from luxurious porcelain, allowing for a soaking experience that is both comfortable and visually appealing. Bright LED lighting fixtures strategically placed around the room lend an extra layer of ambiance to the atmosphere. Finally, this bathroom is perfectly accessorized with all the modern amenities necessary for ultimate relaxation.

Additional Info

Bath Remodel

Full Bath Remodel With Modern Tub

Quartz Countertops

Durability and easy to clean

Classic Design

Stand the test of time.

Large Open Shower

Contemporary and spacious shower

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