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Bald Eagle Master Bathroom Remodel

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Master Bath Remodel t Bald Eagle
Master Bath Remodel t Bald Eagle

Project Details

The master bathroom remodel offered an excellent opportunity to seamlessly blend the old-fashioned charm of Old Ironsides with a contemporary touch. By incorporating updated materials that accentuated natural wood tones and earthy colors, sophistication was achieved while paying homage to classic Americana. The skilled team artfully combined traditional features, such as wooden crown molding and vintage-style fixtures, with striking accents like linen wallpaper and sleek marble countertops. The outcome was a timeless and elegant master bath oasis fit for royalty. Old Ironsides was immensely grateful for orchestrating this remarkable transformation, providing a serene space to unwind after long work days.

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Three shower heads total

Lasting Counters

Virtually timeless and easy to clean

Elegant Layout

Functional space and design

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