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Spring Valley Bathroom

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This unique bathroom redesign by Old Ironsides stunningly combines the old and new. The black tiles make a bold statement and are perfectly complemented by the light-colored fixtures. It’s an excellent option for those who want a departure from traditional bathroom design. The creative use of materials gives the room character and makes it an eye-catching feature in any house. The vanity unit is the room’s focal point, with a sleek black marble finish contrasting beautifully with the light walls and flooring. The double basins are functional and fashionable, and ample storage space is below. The large mirror above adds glamour and sophistication to the room, while well-placed lighting creates a cozy atmosphere. Overall, this bathroom is an excellent example of how design can be stylish and practical while offering plenty of storage and modern amenities.

Additional Info

Bath Remodel

Full Bath Remodel With Modern Tub

Quartz Countertops

Durability and easy to clean

Classic Design

Stand the test of time.

Large Open Shower

Contemporary and spacious shower

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