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Summer Creek Bathroom

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This Old Ironsides bathroom remodel features some one-of-a-kind features. A layout that maximizes space, a clawfoot tub that’s visually stunning and functional. Custom-built cabinetry that provides storage and adds warmth to the room. An elegant chandelier adds charm to the ceiling while giving helpful light. We’ve also included innovative tile work around the sink, shower, and floor for texture and style. The materials used in this bathroom remodel are high-quality and durable. The tub is constructed from solid cast iron with an enamel finish, while the cabinetry is made from real hardwood with beautiful natural grain patterns. The tile features intricate designs and comes in various colors, ready to match any décor. The result is a bathroom that reflects your unique style while providing a comfortable, inviting atmosphere for you to relax. Homeowners can be sure of years of pleasure and satisfaction with this remodel.




We chose all the fixtures carefully for maximum functionality and convenience. A single-lever faucet makes it easy to adjust both water temperature and

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Bath Remodel

Full Bath Remodel With Modern Tub

Quartz Countertops

Durability and easy to clean

Classic Design

Stand the test of time.

Large Open Shower

Contemporary and spacious shower

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