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Zenaida Whole Home Remodel

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This home has transformed remarkably, resulting in a modern and inviting atmosphere. The kitchen features all brand-new, energy-efficient appliances, including a stove and refrigerator. The living room has been painted light blue, creating a fresh and airy ambiance. It boasts a beautiful white sofa and armchair that complete the contemporary style and offer ample space for entertaining guests. The bathroom has also been upgraded, with soft-close drawers and cabinets added for extra convenience. With just a few simple updates, this home has become an efficient and comfortable space that anyone would be proud to call their own. Now, let’s move forward and explore the possibilities of expanding on this energy-efficient home. Adding solar panels and more efficient lighting fixtures and modernizing the air conditioning system with a smart thermostat offers plenty of ways to make your home even more eco-friendly. With some creativity and resourcefulness, you can make these changes to enhance your home’s energy savings and aesthetics.

Additional Info

Kitchen Remodel

Updated kitchen cabinets and appliances

Elegant Lighting

Modern pendant accent lighting

Open Kitchen Design

Open kitchen with modern amenities

Laminate Flooring

Scratch resistant & water proof wood look flooring

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